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Banco Português de Investimento (BPI, Portuguese Investment Bank) is a major privately owned bank in Portugal owned by Spanish bank Caixabank. The bank's shares are listed in the Euronext Lisbon's PSI-20 stock index. It runs the banking business with companies, institutional and private clients. As Sociedade Portuguesa de Investimentos it was founded in 1981 by Artur Santos Silva. It is the third


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Current Employee - Risk Analyst says

"- Banking is facing a very challenging phase due to the emergence of fintechs and new customer needs, and Banco BPI has not been able to adapt to these needs by not letting young people lead these challenges (contrary to what happens in other Portuguese banks); - few prospects for career progression; - unmotivated people due to poor integration culture and team spirit in several departments; - tremendous disorganization."

Current Employee - Account Manager says

"Lack of opportunities . You have to sell jewellery, wines , kitchen utilities ... in a bank !"

Current Employee - Sales Assistant says

"Low progression. Low salary. Too much pressure."

Current Employee - Risk Analyst says

"Low salary, lack of promotion. Non recognition of merit"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Big Company and low salary"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Difficult to climb the ladder of your career in terms of potential positions to achieve. The salaries aren't increasing for a few years, very difficult to have an increase in your base salary, only a very restricted people are raised. Some middle management lacks some technical skills in some specific areas. Workers evaluations are very similar to the past years."

Current Employee - Risk Analyst says

"Very rigid structure, low salaries and lack of IT resources. The organization is a bit old fashioned and the bank should be more sofisticated."

Internship says

"- Lack of opportunities to grow and develop within the company"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It is a very Conservative company, with a old and Portuguese company deeply en-rooted in its values"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No career progression. People not motivated."

Conseiller clientèle (Former Employee) says

"gestion de portefeuille client gestion administrative gestion coffre et automate prospection en visite externe et par téléphone l aspect le plus difficile du poste: gérer le flux permanent de clients l aspect le plus agréable: atteindre les objectifs de ventesproximité du domicilepas de formation"

conseiller clientèle à la Banco BPI (Former Employee) says

"bonne ambiance de travail entre collègues, avec une certaine liberté et confiance, quelques avantages appréciables.voiture de servicedirecteur incapable"

Promotor Externo Banco BPI (Current Employee) says

"Um bom ambiente e optimo acolhimento. Muitos conhecimentos e bons relacionamentos interpessoais"

Gestor clientes (Former Employee) says

"Bom ambiente de trabalho... espírito de equipa... recomendo"

Bancário (Current Employee) says

"Podia melhorar alguns pontos, principalmente a questão dos horários (mal geral em Portugal)RefeiçõesEstacionamento"

gestora de projetos (estágio) says

"A área do local do deutsche bank Portugal é uma área com grande entretenimentos com sofas, biblioteca e vários tipos de entretenimento como mesas de pingue pongue."

Gestora de Conta Particular (Former Employee) says

"Gestão financeira do cliente particular, abertura de conta, cross sellling, colocação de produtos financeiros e contratação de credito Bom ambiente de trabalho embora com muita responsabilidade uma vez que lidamos com dinheiro"

upset_client says

"Banco BPI is the absolute worst bank! They are non responsive and rob you blind. Trying to get my money out of there and into my overseas account. They can\'t even do a simple international Euro transfer and when you ask them where is your money they want to charge you to investigate. Find any another bank to do business with!"